Thursday, October 24, 2019

Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine with Shrink Tunnel

Principle of Operation – Automatic Sleeve Wrapper The Sleeve Wrapper with sealing bar uses two rolls of single wound shrink film. One film roll is kept on the roll holder at top and another roll kept at the bottom. Once the film from both the rolls is sealed to make a joint, it forms a curtain through which the products are pushed through and the film is sealed again at the back side of the products. This forms a tube of film (open at two ends) around the product(s). The products are then transferred to the shrink tunnel for final shrinking.

Operation – Automatic Sleeve Wrapper The  sealing system consists of  a Special  sealing system  suitable for P.E.films. The infeed table of the sealing unit receives the product and and are pushed to the outfeed area of sealing unit through the film curtain. Once the cartons reach the sealing area, the top hold down will be actuated to hold the carton and sealing arm is actuated. The sealing arm makes the seal and top hold down and sealing bar retracts and this completes the sealing operation. Once the sealing arm retracts the next product can be pushed to sealing area. The complete sequence including unwinding motors is controlled through PLC.

Standard Machine Features:

·         Heavy Duty and robust frame in MS painted structure        
·         Emergency stop 
·         Teflon Coated Special Structure Hot Knife Sealing System
·         L/H or R/H side infeed customized as per customer’s requirement

Technical Specifications

  • Reputed pneumatics (janatics make)
  • Bonviro/eltek drive motors
  • Delta Make AC drives
  • Selec/ Omron  temperature controllers
  • Selec/ Omron overload relays and imported sensors
  • Silicone Sealing pad

Width of sealing bar
650 mm
Height (Jaw opening)
350 mm
Maximum Film Width
700 mm (maximum reel diameter
300 mm)
Infeed conveyor length
Customized as per layout
Film Thickness
30 to 80 microns
Standard Machine Height
900 +/- 50 mm
Electrical Requirements
240 V AC 50/ 60 Hz 1Ph/3ph
Power Requirement
1.0 KW
Compressed Air Requirement
6 bars at a rate of 200 Liters/min

Operation Shrink Tunnel
The shrink tunnel would circulate hot air around the pack as it moves on the conveyor. The air blow is provided by means of two blowers driven by AC motors. The air from inside of the tunnel is sucked and blown on the heater. Heaters are finned types and are located on the sides of the tunnel chamber. This re-circulated air comes on the pack from all sides, top bottom thereby giving a uniform shrink to the pack. Once the product moves out of the hot chamber, cool air is blown on the pack to achieve a tight cling on the pack and to cool the pack.

Standard Machine – 

Shrink Tunnel

·         MS painted structure
·         AC motor driven Circulation Blower Fans
·         Variable Speed AC conveyor Drive
·         Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt for LDPE film with geared tooth sprockets
·         Cooling Arch at the exit of the tunnel belt
·         Control Panel for the tunnel mounted outside the tunnel

Technical Specifications – Shrink Tunnel

  • Finned Heaters
  • SSR control for heaters
  • High flame Oflex cable for heaters
  • Selec /Omron digital Temperature controllers
  • LHP high temperature blower motors
Width of Tunnel opening
650 mm
Height of Tunnel opening
350 mm
Length of Tunnel chamber
1500 mm
Blower motor(s)
2800 or 1440rpm   1or 2nos
Wattage of heaters
customized as per film/ speed (approx 21-15kw)
Electrical Requirement
380 440 V AC, 50 Hz, 3P + N + PE
Working Height
900 +/- 50 mm
Conveyor motor Power Requirement
As per final design Siemens/ABB make


Semi-auto sleeve wrapper is suitable for wrapping pop-cans, bottles, etc, with bottom-tray or without bottom-tray, working with jet PE-film shrink tunnel or other PE shrink tunnel. Enlarge packing range or custom-made machine according to customer’s requirement.

²  Upper and down electromagnetic switch prevent sealing mistakes, and protect operator.
²  Every simply and easy to adjust machine to match different packing size.
²  Simple operation and maintenance with high packing efficiency.
²  ‘Schneider’ AC contractor, and Intelligent temperature controller performs stable.
²  Automatic alarm security system protects machine and operator.
²  Large power conveyer motor, with stepless speed regulating, ensures smooth feeding.
²  Two large power fans make the temperature of shrink tunnel every even and stable, this ensures the excellent effect of shrinking in one time.
²  Super cooling system cools the packing and makes the figuration perfectly.

Power supply
220-240V, 50-60Hz;1.8KW
Power supply
3phase 220V/380V 50-60HZ
0-6 packs/min
Heater power
Sealing time/shrink time
0.5-1.5s, 0-0.6s
Conveyer speed
Conveyor loading
Tunnel size(L*W*H)
Film thickness
Conveyer loading
25KGS Max.
Max. packing dimension(L*W*H)
450 x 270 x 350mm
Machine size
Min. packing dimension(L*W*H)
250 x 60 x 60mm
Machine weight
Machine size(L*W*H)
1020 x 830 x 1980mm
Shrink film

Online Shrink Tunnel


  • Compact model Tunnel size: 8 inch width x 14 inch height for vertical feed
  • Blower fan: 1 no. fixed speed
  • 6 feet SS slat belt conveyor with Ac geared motor drive
  • Walls are insulated with glass wool inside,
  • Powder coated MS body.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Product can be fed vertical directly on conveyor , machine can be online integrated a with automatic bottling line
  • 6 kw or more heater, 3 feet or longer tunnel length

Shrink Tunnel 12x12x30 inch model

  • Tunnel L x W x H (inch)                  : 12” x 12” x 30 inch
  • Heater                                             : “U” Type
  • Body                                                : MS Powder Coated
  • Power Input                                     : 1 phase/ 3ph
  • Heater Watt                                     : 14-16 Kw+
  • Temperature Control                       : Digital
  • Conveyor Speed                             : Variable Speed
Shrink Tunnel Features:
·         Fast, smooth operation and easy maintenance.
·         Machine on Castor wheel.
·         Tunnels are designed and built for life and user friendly.
·         Low power consumption.
·         Major Electronics components are ISO / ISI Quality Standard.
·         High-Temperature Silicon sleeves Filled heavy Conveyor.  OR TEFLON BELT
·         Digital / Deviation Display Thermostatic Heat Control.
·         FIX 3 STEP Conveyor Speed.
·         Backed-on Powder Coating.
1.      Food Products
2.      Electronic Components
3.      Hardware
4.      Stationary
5.      Toys & Games
6.      Ceramics Etc.

ShrinkTunnel 8x8x24 inch model

  • Compact model Tunnel size: 8 inch width x8inch height X 24INCH TUNNEL LENGTH
  • Blower fan: 1 no. fixed speed
  • 1 phase plug and play device, 50Hz, 230V
  • 700 watt x 6 heaters = 4200 watt
  • STEPPER Variable speed for conveyor
  • Conveyor made up of silicon rods OR TEFLON CLOTH CAN BE PROVIDED
  • Walls are insulated with glass wool inside, wall thickness approx 6inch
  • Powder coated MS body.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • dc motor .
  • Product can be fed vertical or horizontal or any other position but the product should not leak
  •  Containers/bottles are placed manually into the suitable size plastic cover (shrink sleeve) and then the whole bunch is fed to machine conveyor
  • Temperature of the machine is adjusted according to shrink sleeve material & heating required for good shrinking
  • Speed of conveyor is adjustable; the bunch of bottle passes through the conveyor giving the perfect shrinking, shrink quality is comparable to Automatic web sealer machine.
  • Cooling blower at the exit end can be given at extra cost.


Production speed: Up to 30-40 tubes /min...Depends upon the viscosity of the filling material, and the fill volume. 
Filling Range : 10-30 ml or more depending on the requirement
Tube dia : 10 – 50mm (Min – Max)


Supplied Complete with the following, and is set to Fill/Seal any one-tube size
  • Manual in feed of empty tubes excluding guarding.
  • One set of Tube holder, for any One-tube size with grippers with springs to hold the tubes properly. 40 liters single wall stainless steel hopper made of S.S 304 material.
  • The No tube - No fill device. Prevents the dosing action if tube is not present. With a sensor and pneumatic system, to operate only when the tube is there for filling, otherwise the turret will move to the next station.
  • Ointment / Cream dosing Pump head. A piston-dosing pump, consisting of Teflon piston placed in S.S. cylinder carries out the dosing. One set of piston and cylinder can fill the following range.
    10 – 30gms. / 30 – 100gms / 100-250gms (Depending on material characteristic)
  • Filling nozzle consisting of a Positive shut off system, helps eliminates product dripping / stringing, and maintains filling accuracy. (All contact parts are in food-graded material)
  • Hot Air blowing station for melting Plastic-Laminated tubes. Hot Air is blown through a hot-air tool, on to the sealing area of the tube. When the tube is lifted for heating, a cooling block (Chilled water is circulated through it) to have a dent free seal.
  • Tube Sealing and coding unit, which seals the heated part of the tube and then codes on the seal with metal female type stereos,
  • Trimming unit, to trim the end portion of the tube, and to maintain tube length
  • S.S covers guard all parts below main functioning area of the machine
  • Electrical system consists of a trouble-free electrical panel, along with operating panel board.
  • Drive unit consist of 1 HP, 40 RPM 3-phase geared-motor fitted with sprocket for a fix speed. The device is having Geneva mechanism.
  • Automatic ejection / discharge of tube. (Tail first)


  1. 8 station model
  2. With 30ltr. Capacity plain Hopper
  3. 10-30ml syringe pump. or any one size of ur choice
  4. One set of tube holder for any one tube size dia.
  5. Specially designed Pneumatic shut off nozzle system for control of tailing for any one size tube
  6. Ac drive for operating the machine at variable speed
  7. all component used are of good quality & branded make, list can be provided on request
  8. tube shall be placed manually & oriented manually
  9. rest all operation automatic
  10. leister (swiss )make hot air gun


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