Tuesday, February 21, 2023



. The Vibro Sifter machine works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated based on its particle size. Once the motor gets energized, vibration is caused in the screen/sieve making the material travel across the sieves according to its particle size.


·         Stainless steel GMP construction with S.S.304 or 316 contact parts. 

·         Faster output at low power consumption.

·         Double deck arrangement can be provided.

·         Fitted with Vibro Motor. 

·         Provided lid for dust-free operation. 

·         Easy to dismantle to clean screens..

·         Provided sieve with silicon sealing.

·         Available in 20" Dia, 30" Dia, 36" Dia., 48" Dia size sieve model.

·         Flame - proof electrical motor can be provided as option.



Vibro shifter -30inch

Charging Height

1250 mm

Discharge Height

750 mm


0.5 Hp /3 Phase /415 V

Out put

40 To 300 Kg per Hour (Depend on mesh size of sieve and type of material)

Sieve size

750 mm Dia

Overall dimensions (L X W X H)

800 X 1000 X 1250



·         Available in 20" Dia, 30" Dia, 36" Dia., 48" Dia size sieve model.

·         Suitable for  For Gradation & Separation Of Dry Powder, Granules, And Semi Solids / Liquids.




Ø  Mini inkjet printer can make printing MRPs into products and their packages easily.

Ø  It is easily portable, cost friendly and easy to use.

Ø  Mini Portable Inkjet Printer is convenient and easy to print on all types of surfaces.

Ø  Its Fabulous design gives ruggedness in harsh Industrial environments

Ø  Designed to be sturdy and built to last while maintaining mobility and ease of use.

Ø  Printing on All Types of Surfaces

Ø  Print heads: Single Head


Ø  Product Design: Portable and handheld for wireless printing

Ø  User Interface: Plug & Play


 Text, Counter, Box/Lot, Date-time, Expiry Date

Board, Carton, Stone, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic Product, Electronic, The Fiber Board, Light Steel Keel, Aluminum Foil, etc.




Power Rating

25 W

Cartridge Type

12.7 mm

Power Supply Mode

Fast Charge 3.0 adapter

Print Resolution

600 DPI Maximum

Printing Distance


Power Input


Charging Interface

Type- C






English, Chinese

Print Content

Time, Date, Counter, QR Code, Bar Code, Logo

Print Media

Boards, Carton, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic, Concave, Convex Surface




The machine is constructed in a mild steel angle welded & powder coated frame, the product contact parts are built with stainless steel 316 grade & all covering is built with stainless steel 304-grade sheet other machine parts like a cam, gears, and shafts are bolted. The design and construction of the machine encompasses all the GMP aspects of pharmaceutical sanitation.


·        Programmable Logic Control (PLC) & display of all operations

·        All the drive elements and the cabling at the right side separate panel

·        Crevice free smooth stainless steel pharmaceutical grades

·        Loader station which accepts too less change over time of different capsule size change parts

·        Filling station which accepts too less change over time of powder to pellets


·       Holes per plate: Size 00 - 360 Holes / Size 0 - 480 Holes / Size 1, 2 – 540

                                      Holes / 3, 4, 5 - 600 Holes

·       Loader Drive: 0.25 HP Fix speed 45 sec/plate …For variable VFD can

                                      provide at extra cost

·       Filling Table Drive: 0.5 HP 2 to 14 RPM ….Like 2,3,4,5,6,7…Through VFD –

  No Gear

·       Auger Drive: 2.0 HP 200 to 400 through VFD

·       Display: 4 Line Black

·       Vacuum Pump : 3 HP



  1. Machine Stand: Fabricated with M.S. Angel
  2. Machine Covering: Fabricated with S.S.304 X 20swg (1mm) Thick sheet.
  3. Product contact parts: S.S.316 Quality
  4. Loading ring: Magnesium
  5. Cam & Clutches: EN-24 Harden
  6. Gears: EN-353 Harden
  7. Shafts: EN-8 Grinded
  8. Brackets: C.I.casted






Semi-automatic tube sealing machine is specially designed for sealing plastic & laminated tube The ultrasonic waves are used for sealing tubes, this machine is suitable for sealing tubes for products like, face cream, face wash etc. This machine is mostly used in pharma, food and cosmetic industries. The machine has two process, sealing and trimming With Unilateral Coding, first the machine will seal the tube and then trim the extra part of it and coding is done after that.


·  Power - 2~3 KW 

·  Capacity - 10~12/min 

·  Tube Size Dia - ≤ Φ 50mm Height ≤ 200mm 

·  Power Supply - 220 KV 50Hz 

·  Dimension - 560 X 537 X 880mm 

·   Weight - 150 Kg


Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Our Printer’s USP:
  • Robust in Design & very much User – Friendly.
  • No Chip. Hence any ink Cartridge compatible to the Printer can be used. Our Printer is an Open Printer.
  • We provide 6 Month Warranty only on Printers
  • After sales Service available with us.
  • Very attractive pricing.

Technical Specification:

·        Nozzle: TIJ 2.5 Thermal Foaming

·      CPU: Quad Core 1.4 Hz

·     Language: English (Total 20 Language)      

·     Touch Screen 4.3'' (Inches)

·     Print Height: 12.7 mm

·     Print Distance: 1mm to 5mm

·     Print Content: Text, Date, Batch No, Symbol & Serial No, Table, Linear Barcode & QR Code

·     Definition: 300 & 600 dpi - Jet Time: Light to Bold

·     Storage: 100 Messages

·     Printing Length: 2000 Characters of 5mm for each message

·     Printing Speed: 30 to 50 mtr/min

·     Ink Color: Black

·     Ink Cartridge: 42ml

·     Cartridge Storage: AC Room (better) or Normal Room Temperature. Cartridge should be capped always when not in use.

·     External Interface: USB, Photoelectric Interface, can directly insert a USB to upload information

·     Adapter Input Voltage: 230V AC

·     Printer Input Voltage: 16V 1.5A

·     Power Consumption: Lower than 5w

·     Working Environment: Temperature 0-35 Degrees / Humidity: 10%-80%

·     Printing Material: Carton, Stone, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic Product, Electronic, Fibre Board

Online Kit Consisting of:

·        Print Screen                                       1 No.

·        Print Head                                         1 No.

·        Print Adaptor                                     1 No.

·        Mounting Stand assembly                  1 No.

·        Connection Cable                              1 No.

·        Stylus                                                          1 No.

·        Printer Kit Box (Corrugated Carton)  1 No.

Free Accessories Supplied:

·        Sensor (NPN NO)                             1 No.

·        USB (1GB)                                       1 No.


P1005D USP:

  • Robust in design & very much User Friendly.
  • No Chip. Hence any Ink Cartridge compatible to the Printer can be used. Our Printer is an Open Printer.
  • Any compatible Encoder & Colour Sensor can be used, to facilitate variable speed printing operation.
  • After Sales Service available with us.
  • Very attractive pricing.


Printer Model


No Of

Printing Lines

1 to 6 Rows


110V-250V 50 Hz

Content Height



5” Operation Screen, 304 Stainless Steel Shell

Font Selection

Simplified, Traditional, Numerals, Chinese Characters, Graphics (Logo), Barcode, QR Code etc.

Operating Environment

Temperature 0~40 Degree Centigrade

Menu Language

English, Chinese


Txt Data

Support Chinese, English & Digital Date Base Variables. Support QR Code, Barcode

Automatic Printing

Date, Time, Serial No.

Information Length

1 to 2000 Characters, which can be added under special circumstances




Maintenance Free

Ink Colour





Use Ink Cartridge

Barcode Printing

It supports 7 Barcodes including EAVS, EAN13, QP & ITF14

Computer Link

USB Drive

Shutdown Status

The equipment is free of cleaning & maintenance & the nozzle is sealed to prevent the Ink Cartridge from blocking

Host Size (mm)


Nozzle Size (mm)


Printing Material

Metal, Glass, Wood, Carton, Building Materials etc.

Optional Function

External Photoelectric... Photoelectric Trigger Printing Information Content.


P1005D Print Screen (5”)

1 No.

Print Head (Metal)

1 No.

Print Adaptor

1 No.

Mounting Stand Assembly

1 No.

Connection Cable

1 No.


1 No.

Printer Kit Box (Corrugated Carton)

1 No.


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