Sunday, January 29, 2023



  • Robust in design & very much User-Friendly.
  • No Chip. Hence any Ink Cartridge compatible to the Printer can be used. Our Printer is an Open Printer.
  • With required accessories, Hand-Held Printers can also be used for Online marking operation.
  • We provide 6 Months Warranty only on Printers.
  • After Sales Service available with us.
  • Very attractive pricing


  • Nozzle: TIJ 2.5 Thermal Foaming
  • CPU: Quad Core 1.4Hz
  • Language: English (total 20 languages)
  • Dimensions: 240*120*55 mm
  • Net Weight: 1kg
  • Print Height: Up to 12.7mm
  • Print Distance: 2.5mm
  • Print Content: Text, Date, Batch No., Symbol, Serial No.,
  • Table, Linear Barcode, & QR Code
  • Definition: 300 & 600 (dpi) Jet Time: Light to Bold
  • Storage: 100 messages
  • Printing Length: 2000 Characters of 5mm for each message
  • Printing Speed: 30 to 50 mtr/min
  • Ink Colour: Black
  • Ink Cartridge: 42ml
  • Cartridge Storage: AC Room (better) or Normal Room Temperature. Cartridge should be capped always when not in use.
  • External Interface: USB or Photocell
  • Voltage: DC 16.8 Lithium Battery (1500mAH*4)
  • Battery Charging:  With 90 minutes charging Print will work for 210 minutes
  • Power Consumption: Lower than 5w
  • Working Environment: Temperature 0-35 Degrees / Humidity: 10%-80%
  • Printing Material: Carton, Stone, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic Product, Electronic, Fiber Board


P100H Printer

1 No.

Printer Charger

1 No.


1 No.

Print Indexing Plate

1 No.

Encoder O Ring (Small)

4 Nos.

Encoder O Ring (Big)

1 No.

Printer Kit Box (Metal)

1 No.

Free Accessories Supplied:

Sensor (NPN NO)

1 No.


1 No.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Carton Sealing & Strapping Machine Model-FXC5050A +DBA200



  • Carton sealing strapping machine is equipment combined sealing and strapping action.It could match with the automatic unmanned production line. Automatic carton up and down sealing, two lines strapping. No need any labor.
  • High  efficient, carton sealing strapping machine is widely used in toys, Household appliances, medicine, printing, electronic, commodity filed, suitable for large quantity production.



1. Carton sealing strapping machine do carton sealing and strapping at same time. High  speed, efficient. Small size.

2. PLC control, easy operation, low failure rate

3. The carton sealing strapping machine could work alone or match with the production line

4. Adopt Imported micro switch to control the carton position, so to strap two lines at one time.





DBA -200

Max packing size



Min packing size



Production capacity



Belt width 









Machine size










Friday, April 30, 2021

Filter Press 18x15 Heavy Duty Model


·       Operating pressure : 3.0 kg / cm2

·       Design pressure : 3.5 kg / cm2 Hydro test pressure : 4.0 kg cm2

·       M.O.C : all contact part in SS316 & non-contact part SS 304

·       Filtering Area : 2.40 Square Mtrs.

·       Cake Holding Capacity : 80 Ltrs

·       Output Ltr/Hrs : 5500 Ltrs/Hour (In Water Basis)

·       Shell & top thik : 2.5mm

·       Shell & top thik : 2.5mm

·       Bottom thik : 3 mm

·       Plates details : 1.6mm thik, height 38mm, Dia 18”(one piece plate)

·       Thickness Of Sieves : 1.6mm, no of 16

·       Said tie Rods : 6 Nos., 5/8 C

·       Centre Tie Rod : 1 No., 5/8 0

·       Centre inters locking Cup : 15 No.

·       Scavenger Plate : 15 mm Thick

·       Out said bolt : no of 12, 5/8

·       Pressure Gauge : ¼” B.S.P.

·       Air Vent : 3/8” B.S.P.

·       Gasket : Silicon

·       Trolley : S/S pipe SS 304 frame 32” X 34” with PU castor wheel

·       Finish : Polished To Mirror Finish Gear Pump For Above Unit

·       Type of Pump : GEAR Type

·       M.O.C. : all contact part in SS316 & pump housing CI Casting

·       Size of Pump : 1 ½”

·       Pump head : 50’ transfer only

·       Type of Shaft Seal : OIL SEAL

·       Motor : 3hp 1440 RPM3 phase NON FLP HIDUSTAN MAKE

·       Supply : 415 V Ac 3 Phase/50Hz.

·       Motor & Pump Guard : SS 304 18g

·       Motor & Pump Coupling : R 95 lovjoy

·    Dimension (L.x W. x H.) : 40” x 50” x 60


Filter Press 14x 10 Zero Hold Up Model



Filter press 8*6 model has 8 inch diameter and 6 plates which is used for filtering liquids. An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically to separate solid particles from the liquids. The machine stacks many filter elements and allows the filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered particles , and allows easy cleaning or replacement of the filter media. This model can give 700-100  liter per hour output depending on the product viscosity and can filter any size of micron depending on client requirement.


  1. ·       With gear pump/ centrifugal transfer pump to suit liquid  type

    ·       Machine  and contact parts are in stainless steel 304

    ·       Safety valve and pressure gauge is provided to ensure safe operation.

    ·       PP filter paper which are washable and reusable.

    ·       Pump can also be used to just transfer the material


  2. Specifications:

  •         Model-                                        1410
  •         Plate Dia(inches)-                        14
  •         No of plates-                                10
  •         Filter Area ((M2)  -                      1.001
  •         Cake holding capacity in liters-   25
  •         Output Per Hr-                           700-100 liters
  •          Pump-                                         2HP

Friday, April 23, 2021

Double Cone Blender



Double Cone Blender is an efficient for mixing dry powder and granulates homogeneously. All the contact parts are made   of stainless steel. Two-thirds of the volume of the Cone Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc.

Double cone blender contact parts come ins SS304 and SS316 can be given on request. It can do from 10-500 liters or more depending on the requirement.

The capacity of the conical blender varies according to the size of your application.

We can make customized machine according to your requirement.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

8x6 Filter Press heavy Duty Model



Filter press 8*6 model has 8 inch diameter and 6 plates which is used for filtering liquids. An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically to separate solid particles from the liquids. The machine stacks many filter elements and allows the filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered particles , and allows easy cleaning or replacement of the filter media. 

The Filter Unit required for clear filtration of liquid, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Oils, Inks, beverages, food, cosmetics, paints, dye intermediates etc. The Filtration unit consists of a strong tank with SS top cover & tightening bolts. The filtering assembly fitted in the center of the tanks. Filtering plates, perforated screens, filter media, interlocking cups. The top cover fits on a gasket provided in the groove with the help of tightening ring nuts. The pressure gauge & air vent valve are also fitted on the top cover. 


  • M.O.C : all contact part SS 304 & non contact part SS 304
  • Filtering Area : 0.217m Square Mtrs.
  • Cake Holding Capacity          : 4.9Ltrs
  • Output Ltr/Hrs            : 500 Ltrs/Hour (In Water Basis)
  • Shell thik        : 2mm
  • Bottom thik     : 2.5mm
  • Plates details  : 1.2mm thik, height 25mm, Dia 8” (one piece plate)
  • Thickness Of Sieves   : 1.2mm, no of 7
  • Centre Tie Rod           : 1 No., 3/8
  • Centre inters locking Cup      : 6 No.
  • Scavenger Plate          : 10 mm Thick
  • Inlet & outlet conation           : 19 mm nozzle
  • Pressure Gauge           : 1/8”B.S.P.
  • Air Vent          : ¼ B.S.P.
  • Gasket : Silicon food grade
  • Trolley            : 24” x 24”SS sheet 2.5 mm angel frame with P.U castor wheel
GEAR Pump For Above Unit

  • Type of Pump :Trumark  GEAR pump
  • M.O.C.            : SS 304 Quality
  • Size of Pump  : ½”
  • Pump head      : 25’ transfer only
  • Type of Shaft Seal : OIL SEAL
  • Motor : 1hp 1440 RPM 3 phase NON FLP Hindustan make
  • Supply : 415 V Ac 3 Phase/50Hz.
  • Motor & Pump Guard : SS 304 18g
  • Motor & Pump Coupling       : L 75 lovjoy
  • Dimension (L .x W. x H.)       : 24” x 24” x 30 »


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