Thursday, June 15, 2023

Weight based Powder Filling Machine


Powder filler used for filling all types of powder like spices, wheat flour, talcum powder, protein powder etc. In powder filling machine you can fill all types of powders, its semi automatic machine in which you can set the desired filling weight in grams and more can be done depending on your requirement. In this machine paddle switch is also given in which you keep your pouch or bottle below the nozzle and `press the paddle for filling the product.


  1. Filling Range: 1000 gram* with the help of change-over parts
  2. Filling Speed: variable - 05 to 6 fills per minute or higher for 1000gm, depends on powder bulk density, texture, operator skills & type of container in which product to be filled, with higher speed accuracy will suffer.
  3. Filling Accuracy or +- 1 to 3 gm for 1kg filling
  4. Filling principle: load cell based controlled, coarse filling at high speed & fine & super fine filling at lowest possible speed to get very good accuracy.
  5. PLC HMI based electronic controls can be used for setting weight or volumetric control.
  6. Main Drive motor 1 HP ,1440 RPM motor with clutch break
  7. Used for any type of free flowing fine powder, etc.( if product is hygroscopic customer need to do arrangement for controlling humidity in the packaging area.)
  8. The machine structure is MS powder coated /painted & other parts hard chrome plated, All contact parts area are of S.S.304, SS316 can be provided on request at extra cost