Tuesday, June 20, 2023




Semi automatic Multistage bottle washing machine is used to wash dirty glass bottles from inside & outside, cleaning is done using brushing & water jet. Machine is very useful in various application like cleaning milk bottles, liquor bottles, juice bottles & also different size & shape bottle can be accommodated in same machine with the help of change parts.


  •  As compared to automatic rotary machine this machine is economical option which alone can do both  operations, brushing as well as rinsing.
  • Machine suitable for glass as well as pet bottles.



1.   Semi automatic machine with both feature of brushing & rinsing, hence suitable for very dirty old bottles as well new bottles to just rinse light dust

2.   this machine can work with different shape size bottles with change parts & wash  cycle can be customized as per customer need.

3.   Complete machine contact parts & frame constructed out of Stainless steel SS304

4.   Optional feature like hot water wash, detergent water wash, outer wash, neck cleaning, additional washing stage can be given on request as per specific need of customer application.


1st Unit(brushing Unit): This unit comes with 2 brushing unit & sink tank. The tank will have an outlet to drain the water. operator will brush the dirty bottle here & then can manually dip the bottle in sink tank below to remove major dust.

2nd Unit (Rinsing Unit): The basic Rinsing Unit consist of 3 stage, 1st & 3rd stage are empty just to hold bottles & collect the water dripping from inverted bottles.

1.   Stage 1 & stage 3- operator will keep bottles inverted on each cup after cleaning the in brushing unit. once all cups are occupied with bottle operator will remove the tray from 3rd stage & slide the remaining tray towards 3rd stage making the 1st stage empty for placing empty tray.

2.   Stage 2- this stage have the rinsing stage with pressure water jet, using a water pump & tank with filter mesh to recycle water.

once the tray occupied with bottles come to this stage, operator open/close the valve manually to start rinsing for desired time, once the rinsing is done again operator close the valve & slide the tray towards 3rd stage.

Once the above cycle is complete you can slide the tray to next stage manually (if there is already a tray on the next stage you need to remove first and then slide) to repeat go to point no 1.


  •           Input supply: 1ph/230v
  •           Brushing Unit Motor: 0.25HP
  •           water supply pump: 0.5HP
  •           material of construction : AISI SS304
  •           sink tank for brushing: 80liter approx
  •           Rinsing water tank: 60liter approx